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Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood Essential Oil

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Our presents 100% pure and natural Sandalwood Essential Oil, derived from the Santalum Spicatum tree, renowned for its rich, sweet, woody, and exotic fragrance. With a luxurious, balsamic essence that lingers, this essential oil offers a sensory journey that is both indulgent and deeply soothing. Extracted through steam distillation, this version ensures the highest quality, making it a staple in various household items.


  • Exotic Aroma: Boasts a luxurious and exotic fragrance, characterized by a sweet, woody profile that is both indulgent and long-lasting.
  • Multiple Distillation: Steam distilled from the heartwood billets and chips of the sandalwood tree, ensuring superior quality compared to sapwood extraction.
  • Aromatherapy Marvel: Utilized by aromatherapists worldwide for treating conditions such as bronchitis, stress, depression, and more.
  • Skin Care: Addresses skincare concerns like chapped and dry skin, offering nourishment and rejuvenation.
  • Balancing Properties: Ideal for both oily and dry skin types, bringing balance to the skin's natural state.
  • Stress Relief: Known for its stress-relieving properties, making it a go-to choice for relaxation and emotional well-being.
  • Affordable Luxury: VedaOils provides high-quality Sandalwood Essential Oil at an affordable price, ensuring accessibility to its myriad benefits without straining your budget.
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