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Custom Formulation

At Harrods we are dedicated professionals who prioritize the utmost privacy and confidentiality of your brand. Our comprehensive services include product manufacturing, labeling, and shipping, ensuring a seamless process from our advanced facility to your desired destination, be it your location, ,or your private business. Our clients place their trust in us due to our unwavering reliability, expert knowledge, and commitment to confidentiality.

Lower MOQ

By opting for a custom formulation, you gain access to an extensive portfolio of over 400 distinctive personal care products, serving as an excellent foundation for your unique creations. We offer tailor-made solutions for your formulations, along with the option to select from a variety of stylish packaging choices that resonate with your brand's identity. Starting with a minimum quantity of just 1000 units per product, you have the flexibility to scale according to your requirements. Furthermore, we provide the opportunity to supply your own custom label design, among other benefits.