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Harrods Health Private Limited

Yellow Oxide Pigment Powder

Yellow Oxide Pigment Powder

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Mica Yellow Pigment Powder is a natural yellow colorant renowned for its application in the high-quality cosmetic and beauty industry. This vibrant yellow soap powder is designed to impart a brilliant, bright yellow hue to cold process soaps, homemade soaps, and various cosmetic items. Whether used individually or in combination with other natural pigments, this pigment powder offers a wide range of vibrant shades. Approved for use in soap, mineral makeup, and cosmetic bases, Harrods Yellow Soap Powder disperses into a paler golden yellow shade when suspended in water, indicating its purity.


  1. Natural Yellow Colorant: The pigment powder is a natural and vibrant source of bright yellow color for cosmetic formulations.
  2. Cosmetic Excellence: Highly popular in the high-quality cosmetic and beauty industry for achieving vivid yellow shades.
  3. Versatile Application: Suitable for use in cold process soaps, homemade soaps, mineral makeup, and various cosmetic products.
  4. Vibrant Shades: Use individually or combine with other natural pigments to create a wide spectrum of vibrant yellow shades.
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