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Wild Grape Flavor Oil

Wild Grape Flavor Oil

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Discover the exotic allure of Our Wild Grape Flavour Oil, a perfect match for infusing your culinary creations with a bittersweet and enticing flavor. Extracted from ripe and fresh wild grapes, this flavor oil is crafted to add a distinctive taste profile to your baked goods. Boasting a natural composition, it is of food-grade quality, ensuring both safety and quality in your culinary applications.


  1. Exotic Bittersweet Flavor: Wild Grape Flavour Oil delivers an exotic and bittersweet flavor, enhancing the taste profile of your culinary creations with the essence of fresh wild grapes.

  2. Ripe and Fresh Wild Grapes: Extracted from ripe and fresh wild grapes, this flavor oil captures the authentic taste and aroma, ensuring a delightful and enticing culinary experience.

  3. Ideal for Bakery Items: Specifically crafted for use in bakery items, Wild Grape Flavour Oil brings a unique and enticing twist to your cakes, pastries, cookies, and other baked goods.

  4. Food-Grade Quality: Made from natural ingredients, this flavor oil is of food-grade quality, guaranteeing safety and adherence to quality standards in your culinary applications.

  5. Skin-Friendly Formulation: Formulated with a skin-friendly approach, Wild Grape Flavour Oil can be seamlessly incorporated into your DIY natural products like lip balms and lipsticks, extending its usability beyond the kitchen.

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