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Vitalizing Repairing Serum

Vitalizing Repairing Serum

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The serum boosts skin care efficacy by supplying sufficient moisture and nutrition to the skin.

What Makes It Different

Highly nutritious moisturizing energy serum

High-nutrition and moisturizing energy is delivered to the skin for tight and elastic care.

  • High nutiritious hydration serum
    Serum that provides flexibility to dry skin and forms a moisturizing film to keep moisture for a long time.
  • Dual functional serum
    A brightening & anti-aging functional serum that adheres thinly to the skin and provides nourishment.
  • Contains Jeju Red Beet
    Jeju Red Beet(beetroot) is rich in minerals and vitamins and moisture, sooting and nutrition to the skin, making it clear.


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