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Vitalizing Essence Toner

Vitalizing Essence Toner

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Toner that holds moisture that is easy to shrink after washing your face. A watery texture that is not sticky transfers moisture to dry skin to brighten the skin tone.

What Makes It Different 

Dense moisture brightening care - A brightening toner that cleanses the skin's texture and brightens the dull and dark skin tone with an essence full of moisture

  • Vitalizing essence toner makes your skin moist and dense : Watery texture that delivers moist moisture to the skin makes your skin smooth and not sticky.
  • Brigtening with moisture : Vitalizing Essence Toner helps to brighten skin with brightening fuctional ingredients.
  • Contains Jeju Echinacea Purpurea Extract : Contains Jeju Echinacea Purpurea Extract grown in Jeju Garden to help protect your skin from external stimuli and improve elasticity.
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