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Harrods Health Private Limited

Triple Thick Nourishing Lotion

Triple Thick Nourishing Lotion

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Experience the epitome of skincare luxury with our Triple Thick Nourishing Lotion — an ultra-rich indulgence designed to lavish your skin with a triple dose of moisture.


  • Ultra-Rich Formula: Immerse yourself in opulence. Our lotion features an ultra-rich formula, providing an indulgent experience for exceptionally dry skin that craves intense hydration.

  • Triple Dose of Moisture: Delight in triple the moisture. Our innovative formula delivers a triple dose of hydration, ensuring your skin receives an abundance of nourishment to combat dryness.

  • Creamy and Luxurious: Embrace the creaminess. The luxurious texture of our lotion glides effortlessly onto your skin, creating a pampering sensation that transforms your skincare routine into a spa-like experience.

  • Deep Hydration: Dive into deep hydration. Our lotion penetrates the skin's layers, creating a protective barrier that locks in moisture, allowing your skin to revel in long-lasting and profound hydration.

  • Protective Barrier: Wrap your skin in protection. The lotion's formulation goes beyond surface-level care, creating a protective barrier that shields your skin from external elements, ensuring sustained moisture retention.

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