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Pina Colada Flavor Oil

Pina Colada Flavor Oil

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Indulge in the delectable flavor of Tiramisu with Our Tiramisu Flavor Oil. This flavor oil captures the essence of the classic Italian dessert, offering the delightful taste of espresso-dipped ladyfingers, whipped cream, marsala, and chocolate powder. Tiramisu is renowned for its creamy, layered flavors, and this flavor oil aims to replicate that delicious experience.


  1. Classic Tiramisu Flavor: Enjoy the classic taste of Tiramisu with this flavor oil, featuring the rich flavors of espresso-dipped ladyfingers, whipped cream, marsala, and chocolate powder.

  2. Creamy and Subtle Profile: The creaminess and subtlety of the flavor make Tiramisu Flavor Oil a versatile option for a variety of recipes and beverages.

  3. Nuanced Flavor Combination: With a touch of coconut, a nutty buttercream, and cheesecake combination, this flavor oil offers a nuanced and complex profile, mirroring the layers of a traditional Tiramisu.

  4. Pure and Safe: Crafted without alcohol, synthetic colors, or flavors, Tiramisu Flavor Oil ensures a pure and safe culinary experience, allowing you to use it confidently in your creations.

  5. Decadent Bakery Scent: The delightful bakery scent of Tiramisu Flavor Oil brings to mind the decadence of a memorable evening filled with culinary delights.

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