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Strawberry Liquid Extract

Strawberry Liquid Extract

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Strawberries, with their origins in Europe, are widely admired for their bright red appearance, juicy texture, and sweet taste. These fruits are distinctive for their tiny seeds on the outside. They are not just pleasing to the palate but also a nutritional powerhouse, rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Strawberries are commonly enjoyed raw as fresh fruit and are a popular ingredient in a variety of desserts, jams, jellies, and confectionery items, contributing both flavor and nutrition.

Benefits of Strawberries:

  • High in Vitamin C: Excellent source of Vitamin C, crucial for immunity and skin health.
  • Rich in Manganese: Contains manganese, which is vital for bone health and metabolism.
  • Contains Folate: Good source of folate, important for cell function and tissue growth.
  • Potassium Content: Provides potassium, essential for heart health and blood pressure regulation.
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