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Sodium Hydroxide Pellets

Sodium Hydroxide Pellets

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  • Chemical Nature: A strong alkali, with the chemical formula NaOH.
  • Appearance: Often provided in the form of small, white pellets or beads.
  • Solubility: Highly soluble in water, making it easy to incorporate into various formulations.
  • pH Adjuster: Primarily used to balance and control the pH level in cosmetic and other products.
  • Benefits:

    • pH Balancing: Essential in cosmetics for adjusting and maintaining the desired pH level, ensuring product stability and safety.
    • Buffering Agent: Helps stabilize the pH of exfoliants and other skin care products, preventing irritation.
    • Versatility in Formulations: Can be blended with a variety of ingredients in cosmetic formulations due to its high solubility.
    • Improves Product Efficacy: Ensures the effectiveness of skincare and body care products by maintaining an optimal pH.
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