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Revitalizing Lift Neck Serum

Revitalizing Lift Neck Serum

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It is a neck care serum that gives a sticky tension to the neck whose elasticity has been reduced with a skein-like texture and does not leave any stickiness with a refreshing finish.

What Makes It Different

Special neck care serum - A neck serum that works without irritation on the thin and fragile skin of the neck to fill in fine wrinkles thinly and densely.

  • Time rewind serum : It is a wrinkle-improving functional serum that gently cares for the neck wrinkles that have arisen over the years and makes the skin elastic.
  • Skein-like texture : The texture that stretches like a skein tightly grips the fine wrinkle of the skin one by one to make the skin surface more elastic.
  • Inverted rolling formulation : The first touch is absorbed from the nutritious texture with a refreshing finish, leaving a non-sticky finish.


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