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Peru Balsam Essential Oil

Peru Balsam Essential Oil

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Our Peru Balsam Essential Oil, a sensory journey into a realm of mild, deep, and rich aromas. This essential oil emanates a woody yet sweet fragrance with hints of vanilla and benzoin, accompanied by a subtle touch of cinnamon. Peru Balsam is renowned for its versatility and has been traditionally utilized for various topical applications, providing relief for dry skin and minor cuts and wounds.


  • Mild and Rich Aroma: Peru Balsam Essential Oil offers a mild yet rich aroma, combining woody sweetness with vanilla and benzoin qualities, accompanied by a subtle hint of cinnamon. Immerse yourself in the warm and inviting fragrance.

  • Skin Remedy: Historically, Peru Balsam has been topically applied to address various skin issues, including dry skin and minor cuts and wounds. Experience the skin-nurturing properties of this essential oil.

  • Botanical Source: Extracted from the bark of the Myroxylon balsamum tree, Peru Balsam Essential Oil is obtained through a meticulous process, capturing the essence of this botanical treasure.

  • Comparison with Tolu Balsam: While both Tolu Balsam and Peru Balsam essential oils originate from the Myroxylon balsamum tree, they differ in extraction methods. Tolu Balsam is obtained from deep within the wood of the tree trunk, while Peru Balsam is extracted by cutting the bark.

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