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Harrods Health Private Limited

Peach Flavor Oil

Peach Flavor Oil

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Indulge in the luscious and juicy taste of Our Peach Flavoring Oil, crafted from fresh and ripe peaches. This fruity and delightful flavor oil captures the essence of ripe peaches, offering a dense aftertaste with hints of apples, nectarines, pineapple, and papaya. Its sweet and sugary notes, coupled with a refreshing aroma, add a unique essence to a variety of food items.


  1. Natural Peach Flavor: Our Peach Flavoring Oil is made from fresh and ripe peaches, providing a natural and authentic peach flavor to your culinary creations.

  2. Fruity and Juicy Taste: Enjoy the luscious and juicy taste of peaches with this flavor oil, which adds a delightful fruity essence to your food items.

  3. Dense Aftertaste: The flavor oil imparts a dense aftertaste, reminiscent of apples, nectarines, pineapple, and papaya, creating a multi-layered and satisfying flavor experience.

  4. Sweet and Sugary Notes: Experience sweet and sugary notes in the Peach Flavoring Oil, adding a touch of sweetness to your dishes.

  5. Refreshing Aroma: The sweet, refreshing aroma of the flavor oil enhances the overall sensory experience, making your culinary creations more appealing.

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