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Harrods Health Private Limited

Neroli Hydrosol

Neroli Hydrosol

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Indulge in the exquisite essence of Neroli Flower Water, a fragrant distillation created through the steam distillation of neroli essential oil, capturing the essence of the blossoms from Bitter Orange Trees. With its distinct aroma, this flower water shares similarities with Orange Flower Water but boasts a more potent and invigorating effect on the mind. Crafted for its unique and complex scent structure, Neroli Flower Water offers a captivating olfactory experience.


  • Distinct Aroma: Neroli Flower Water is celebrated for its typical aroma, characterized by the delightful fragrance of Bitter Orange Tree blossoms. The unique scent profile sets it apart, making it a coveted choice for sensory experiences.
  • Stimulating Effect: Experience the powerful and stimulating effect of Neroli Flower Water on the mind. The invigorating qualities contribute to a heightened sense of well-being, creating a refreshing and energizing atmosphere.
  • Complex Scent Structure: Neroli Flower Water is meticulously prepared to capture a complex scent structure, offering a multi-dimensional olfactory journey. The interplay of aromatic notes adds depth and sophistication to its fragrance.
  • Crafted Elegance: Enrich your sensory rituals with the crafted elegance of Neroli Flower Water. Its intricate preparation ensures a refined and luxurious floral water that elevates your moments of self-care.
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