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Nagarmotha Essential Oil

Nagarmotha Essential Oil

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Nagarmotha Essential Oil, extracted from Cyperus Scariosus or Nutgrass, stands as a hidden gem among essential oils. Despite being less known, its potency and efficacy make it a special addition to aromatherapy and skincare routines.

Key Attributes:

  • Pure and Organic: Our Nagarmotha Essential Oil is sourced from high-quality Cyperus Scariosus, ensuring its purity and organic essence for a holistic experience.

  • Earthy and Woody Scent: Known for its deep and invigorating aroma, Nagarmotha Essential Oil carries earthy and woody notes that contribute to a grounding and soothing olfactory experience.

  • Aromatherapy Marvel: In aromatherapy, Nagarmotha Oil serves as a stress-reliever, promoting relaxation and offering sedative properties for a tranquil mind.

  • Viscous and Light Brown/Yellowish: The oil's light brown or yellowish hue, coupled with its viscous nature, reflects its natural purity and concentration.

  • Fixative Properties: Nagarmotha Essential Oil's fixative properties make it a valuable addition to cosmetic applications, enhancing the overall formulation.

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