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MC010-Round Mascara A 9.5

MC010-Round Mascara A 9.5

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  • Stylish and Elegant Mascara: The mascara features a sophisticated black tube with artistic silver embellishments, showcasing a blend of elegance and contemporary design, perfect for beauty enthusiasts who value both function and form in their makeup arsenal.
  • Precision Brush Applicator: It comes with a precision brush applicator designed to reach every lash, ensuring even and thorough application for both upper and lower lashes.


  • Enhances Lash Volume and Length: This mascara is expertly formulated to enhance lash volume and length, giving you a bold and dramatic look that lasts all day.
  • Defining and Separating: The precision brush works to define and separate lashes, minimizing clumps and ensuring a smooth, even coat.
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