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MC010-Round Mascara 2

MC010-Round Mascara 2

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  • Innovative Dual-Function Design: Combines the functionality of a mascara with the precision of a liquid eyeliner in one product.
  • Ultra-Fine Liner Tip: Equipped with an ultra-fine tip for sharp, precise eyeliner application, allowing for a range of looks from subtle to dramatic.
  • High-Definition Mascara Brush: Features a specially designed brush that coats each lash evenly, from root to tip, for voluminous and defined lashes.


  • Versatility and Convenience: Offers the convenience of two essential eye makeup products in one, saving space in your makeup bag and time in your routine.
  • Customizable Looks: Allows for the creation of diverse looks, from a natural daytime to a bold nighttime eye, with just one product.
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