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Matte Pink Oxide Pigment Powder

Matte Pink Oxide Pigment Powder

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Mica Pink Oxide Pigment Powder is a finely ground pink-hued colorant with a texture similar to powdered chalk. Unlike mica powders with lustrous or shiny properties, this pigment powder is matte, providing a soft and sophisticated pink hue. The versatile nature of this pink soap powder allows for the creation of a wide assortment of shades, including salmon, coral, dark pink, light pink, magenta, and more.


  1. Matte Pink Hue: The pigment powder offers a matte finish, creating a subtle and sophisticated pink color suitable for various applications.
  2. Versatile Color Range: Use the pink oxide pigment powder to achieve a diverse range of shades, from light pastels to deeper tones.
  3. Fine Texture: With a texture similar to powdered chalk, the powder is finely ground, ensuring ease of incorporation into formulations.
  4. Cosmetic Applications: Suitable for use in cosmetics, including soap making, to add a natural and muted pink color to products.
  5. Artistic Creativity: Ideal for art and craft projects, allowing for creative expression with various shades of pink.
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