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Mace Flavor Oi

Mace Flavor Oi

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The Mace Flavouring Oil captures the essence of mace, offering a symphony of flavors that include hints of sweet undertones, peppery warmth, and a subtle interplay of nutmeg, pine, black pepper, and coriander-like citrusy notes. The result is a one-of-a-kind flavor profile that brings depth and complexity to your recipes, making them truly unique and memorable.


  1. Natural Origin: Obtained from the dried seed covering of the fruit, our Mace Flavouring Oil is a natural and authentic source of mace flavor.

  2. Bold and Spicy: The spicy and sharp taste of mace imparts a bold and distinctive flavor to your dishes, creating a culinary experience that stands out.

  3. Flavorsome Aroma: The pungent and slightly warm aroma of mace enhances the overall sensory appeal of your culinary creations, delighting the olfactory senses.

  4. Versatile Usage: Suitable for a wide range of culinary applications, this flavor oil can be used to infuse mace flavor into various dishes, adding complexity and richness.

  5. Complex Flavor Profile: The flavor profile includes sweet undertones, peppery warmth, and subtle notes of nutmeg, pine, black pepper, and coriander-like citrusy flavors, creating a unique and harmonious blend.

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