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Lip Gloss / Stain P3358

Lip Gloss / Stain P3358

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  • Dual-Tone Design: The lip gloss showcases a stylish contrast with its pristine white body and warm, orange-toned cap, adding a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the product.
  • Precision Applicator: Equipped with a soft, tapered applicator that ensures an even and smooth application, providing full coverage and precise contouring of the lips.


  • Effortless Application: The precision applicator allows for effortless application, ensuring a smooth and even gloss distribution without the need for constant touch-ups.
  • Versatile Wear: Perfect for achieving both a subtle shine for everyday wear or a more dramatic gloss for evening looks.
  • Hydrating Formula: Often enriched with hydrating ingredients to keep lips moisturized and comfortable, preventing dryness.
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