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Light Liquid Paraffin (LLP) Oil

Light Liquid Paraffin (LLP) Oil

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Description :

  • Light Liquid Paraffin, also known as Paraffinum Liquidum, is a type of mineral oil.
  • It is a mixture of saturated hydrocarbons that are in a liquid state.
  • This substance is characterized by its transparent, colorless, and odorless nature.
  • Noted for its high resistance to temperature variations and chemicals.


  • Stabilizing Agent in Cosmetics:
    • Enhances the stability of cosmetic and personal care products.
  • Acts as a Preservative:
    • Helps in extending the shelf life of various skincare items.
  • Resistant to Temperature and Chemicals:
    • Maintains its properties under varying environmental conditions.
  • Moisturizing Properties:
    • Provides a barrier on the skin to lock in moisture, preventing dryness.
  • Smooth Texture:
    • Contributes to a smooth and silky texture in lotions, creams, and other skincare products.
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