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Lavandin Essential Oil

Lavandin Essential Oil

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Our presents Pure Lavandin Essential Oil, a captivating hybrid blend created by crossing Lavandula Latifolia and Lavandula Augustifolia. Retaining the properties of Lavender but with a higher Camphor content, Lavandin boasts a stronger aroma, offering a more stimulating olfactory experience. Extracted through meticulous steam distillation of leaves and flowers/buds, this essential oil stands out for its efficacy in addressing respiratory and muscular issues.


  • Hybrid Lavender Blend: Lavandin is a hybrid created by crossing Lavandula Latifolia and Lavandula Augustifolia, combining the best of both varieties.
  • Enhanced Aroma: With a stronger fragrance than Lavender, Lavandin is more stimulating, making it ideal for respiratory and muscular concerns.
  • Respiratory Relief: Known for its efficacy in addressing respiratory problems, providing relief from congestion and related issues.
  • Muscle Support: Offers support for muscular conditions, making it a promising choice for massages and topical applications.
  • Fresh Floral Scent: Invigorates the senses with a fresh floral scent, making it suitable for perfumes, colognes, and aromatic blends.
  • Top or Middle Note: Can be used as a top or middle note in fragrance formulations, adding complexity and depth to your creations.
  • Concentrated Formula: As a concentrated essential oil, it should be diluted before topical application, ensuring safe and effective use.
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