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Harrods Health Private Limited

Good Sleep Essential Oil Blend

Good Sleep Essential Oil Blend

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Our Good Sleep Essential Oil Blend is specifically formulated to address sleep-related issues and promote a peaceful night's rest. Crafted with 100% pure essential oils, this blend combines the calming properties of Cedarwood, Pine, Cypress, and Lavender to induce relaxation and improve sleep quality.



  • Promotes relaxation and drowsiness.
  • Ideal for creating a serene sleep environment.
  • Addresses insomnia and sleep-related issues.
  • Calming effect of Cedarwood and Pine oils.
  • Cypress oil for sedative and relaxing qualities.
  • Lavender oil eases tension for a restful sleep.
  • Versatile use in diffusers, soaps, candles, and bath bombs.
  • Natural remedy for anxiety and insomnia.
  • Quick inhalation for instant relaxation.
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