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Get Glowing Spot Corrector

Get Glowing Spot Corrector

Brightening & skin clearing care that targets the root of melanin. A highly concentrated brightening spot corrector that uses rucinol, lily-derived extract, and anti-wrinkle raw material zenicyl to apply on pigmented skin areas to restore clean skin tone.

What Makes It Different 

Transparent, clear and safe brightening

A skincare that completes smooth, bright and transparent skin by adding lily-derived plant cells that increase skin texture tranparency to rucinol, which interferes with the enzyme activity involved in the production of dark brown melanin, 'eumelanin'.

  • Rucinol to reduce melanin
    The chitomar biocapsule method is applied to rucinol, which inhibits the production of eumelanin, and is safely and quickly absorbed into the skin, showing superior brightening effect than arbutin. It is a bright care that improves the fundamental skin complexion rather than artificial brightening.
  • Lily-derived extract
    By mixing three kinds of lily extracts that give skin a smooth and transparent glow, it improves skin elasticity and eliminates wrinkles and improves the appearance of the skin.

    3, Aqua pressure complex

    Moisture barrier function complex that enhances the skin's own moisturizing power by maintaining moisture and homeostasis down to the dermal layer of the skin's surface, keeps the skin moist and firm.


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