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Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense Essential Oil

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 Frankincense Essential Oil, derived from Boswellia tree resins, hails from the Middle East, India, and Africa, boasting a rich history of use by holy men and kings since ancient times. Also known as Olibanum, it holds a regal status among essential oils, revered for its soothing and mesmerizing fragrance, often utilized in religious ceremonies to induce a sense of piousness and relaxation.


  • Skin Beautification: Aids in overall skin health and beautification, making it a sought-after ingredient in cosmetics and skincare applications.

  • Historical Significance: Cherished for centuries, even by Ancient Egyptians, for various medicinal purposes.

  • Calming Fragrance: Used during religious ceremonies for its soothing fragrance, promoting a calm state of mind.

  • Versatile Growth: The Boswellia tree thrives in challenging environments, contributing to the unique scent of the resin.

  • Incense and Perfumes: Utilized in incense and perfumes for its rich aroma.

  • Chemical-Free: Premium grade oil, free from chemicals or additives, suitable for daily use or incorporation into beauty preparations.

  • Distinct Scent: Spicy, slightly woody, and fresh odor, making it ideal for DIY perfumes, oil therapy, colognes, and deodorants.

  • Anti-Inflammatory: Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, contributing to improved immune function.

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