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EL010-Dual Eyeliner 5

EL010-Dual Eyeliner 5

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The image showcases a sophisticated, rose gold cosmetic eyebrow mascara with a dual-sided applicator featuring a precise brush on one end and a comb on the other. This innovative product is designed to groom, color, and set eyebrows effortlessly.


  • Dual-Ended Design: Offers the versatility of shaping and grooming eyebrows with a single tool. The brush side applies color evenly, while the comb side shapes and tames brows for a polished look.
  • Natural-Looking Finish: The tinted formula provides a subtle color that enhances the natural beauty of your brows, filling in sparse areas without looking overdone.
  • Long-lasting Wear: Designed to stay in place all day, resisting smudging or fading, ensuring your brows look consistently well-groomed.
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