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Eco Pact PCR VER

Eco Pact PCR VER

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The image depicts an elegant compact powder case with a sophisticated design. The case consists of a shiny silver base and a clear, see-through lid, revealing a pressed powder inside. This design is indicative of a high-quality makeup product, such as foundation, finishing powder, or blush. The compact also appears to include a mirror on the underside of the top section, enhancing its functionality for on-the-go makeup application.


  • Elegant and Luxurious Design: The shiny silver finish and clear lid offer a sleek and modern look, appealing to users seeking sophistication in their makeup tools.
  • Visibility of Product: The clear lid allows users to easily see the shade of the product without opening the compact, facilitating quick selection.
  • Built-in Mirror: Enhances convenience by allowing for on-the-go application and touch-ups.
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