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Easy Grip Eyeliner 0.25

Easy Grip Eyeliner 0.25

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The image depicts a collection of sleek, modern cosmetic pencils in a range of muted pink and grey hues, set against a soft pink background. These pencils likely represent a variety of makeup products, such as lip liners, eyeliners, or brow pencils. The varying tips suggest different uses, from precise lines to more blended applications. The color palette is contemporary and feminine, appealing to users who appreciate both aesthetic and functionality in their beauty tools.


  • Versatile Makeup Tools: Offers a range of applications, from defining lips and eyes to filling in brows.
  • Modern Aesthetic: The muted pink and grey hues provide a stylish and contemporary look, appealing to fashion-forward consumers.
  • Precision Application: The variety in tip shapes allows for both fine lines and broader, blended applications.

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