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Date Palm Fermented Seed First Essence

Date Palm Fermented Seed First Essence

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Strong skin energy that restores the vitality of the skin.
Water essence containing fine nutritional particles that enhance absorption is gently and moistly absorbed into the skin, delivering the concentrated energy of the seeds. Through this process, it improves the skin to radiant and healthy.

What Makes It Different 
  • Strong germination energy of date palm seed.
    Just as the seeds of ancient date palm seeds have vitality in a dormant state for more than 2,000 years, patented human technology is applied to wake up the sleeping skin energy to revitalize the skin. 
  • Freshly harvested seeds gentle on the skin.
    Each harvested seed contains abundant nutrients, which softens rough skin and helps moisturize dry skin. 
  • Skin safe double germination fermentation process
    The double germination fermentation process of natural Onggi germination, fermented sponge ground, fermented yeast and bamboo barrel fermentation process help the skin absorb nutrients and moisture to create moist and chewy skin.
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