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Dark Chocolate Flavor Oil

Dark Chocolate Flavor Oil

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Specifically designed for flavoring chocolates, bakery items, toffees, and pastries, this flavor oil opens up a world of possibilities in your kitchen. Elevate your chocolate milkshakes and ice creams by incorporating the refreshing taste of rich and dark chocolate.

When using Dark Chocolate Flavor Oil, it's important to note that a little goes a long way. Adjust the quantity based on the desired intensity of chocolate flavor, as adding too much may result in an overpowering, bitter taste. The slightly more viscous nature of this flavor oil allows for easy dilution with water before adding it to your culinary preparations.


  1. Delicious Creamy Flavor: Dark Chocolate Flavor Oil brings a delicious and creamy essence to your culinary creations, enhancing the overall taste.

  2. Versatile Usage: Designed for flavoring chocolates, bakery items, toffees, pastries, chocolate milkshakes, and ice creams, providing a versatile solution for various recipes.

  3. Intense Dark Chocolate Taste: Enjoy the rich and intense taste of dark chocolate, adding a decadent touch to your dishes.

  4. Balanced Proportions: Use Dark Chocolate Flavor Oil in balanced proportions to achieve the desired chocolate flavor without making your food items excessively dark or bitter.

  5. Natural Ingredients: Crafted from natural ingredients, this flavor oil ensures a high-quality and authentic dark chocolate experience.

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