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CP010-Round Plaque Cushion Compact 15

CP010-Round Plaque Cushion Compact 15

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The image presents a highly innovative and modern compact design featuring a circular, twist-open mechanism with a light grey and white color scheme. This unique compact includes a built-in, adjustable mirror that can be angled to suit various needs, making it exceptionally versatile and user-friendly. The design suggests a focus on functionality, allowing for easy application of makeup with precision, and the compact's sleek, contemporary aesthetic ensures it stands out as a stylish accessory.


  • Innovative Design: The twist-open mechanism and adjustable mirror offer a new level of convenience and functionality not commonly found in traditional compacts.
  • Adjustable Mirror: Allows for easy adjustments to get the perfect angle for makeup application, enhancing usability.
  • Sleek and Modern Aesthetic: The light grey and white color scheme provides a minimalistic and chic look, suitable for any style.
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