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CDEA | Cocamide Diethanolamine

CDEA | Cocamide Diethanolamine

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Cocamide Diethanolamine (CDEA) is a common ingredient in many personal care and cleaning products. It serves various purposes and comes with specific characteristics:

  1. Surfactant: CDEA is a surfactant, which means it helps to reduce the surface tension of liquids. This property makes it valuable in creating lather and enhancing the spreadability of products.

  2. Cleansing Agent: It is used as a cleansing and foaming agent in a range of products, including shampoos, body washes, and liquid soaps. It helps remove dirt, oils, and impurities from the skin and hair.

  3. Emulsifying Agent: CDEA is effective in stabilizing and mixing oil and water-based ingredients in many formulations, contributing to product consistency.

  4. Viscosity Modifier: It can be used to adjust the thickness or consistency of liquid products, such as shampoos or lotions.

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