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Harrods Health Private Limited

Chocolate Clay Powder

Chocolate Clay Powder

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Chocolate Clay Powder, derived from the seed extract of the Cocoa Plant, is a skin-enhancing super fruit known for its rich antioxidant properties. This organic clay is crafted from various compounds like flavonols, catechins, and polyphenols.


  • Antioxidant Rich: Abundant in antioxidants, such as flavonols, catechins, and polyphenols.
  • Natural Glow: Enhances the skin's natural glow and radiance.
  • Conditioning and Hydration: Conditions and hydrates the skin, locking in moisture.
  • Protects from Toxins: Shields the skin from toxins, preventing damage.
  • Anti-Pollution: Guards against skin damage caused by pollution.
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