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Ceteareth - 25

Ceteareth - 25

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Ceteareth-25 is an ether of fatty alcohols like stearyl alcohol or cetyl that are highly saturated. This is non-ionic polyoxyethylene that is odourless and is available in the form of pellets of white colour. Ceteareth-25 is soluble in both alcohol and water and is often used to give a colloidal structure to the solution, and it is used to make oil-in-water emulsions.

  • It is an effective emulsifier and surfactant and also possesses emollient properties. Cetearyl-25 can be used as a cleansing agent in cosmetic products. Ceteareth-25 can be combined with synthetic and vegetable oils and minerals. This product acts as an emulsifier in the formulation of skincare products, which is essentially required in the formulation containing water and oil. Ceteareth-25 helps bind the water and oil with each other and helps in stabilizing the product.
  • Cetearyl-25 is compatible with a wide range of oils and is soluble in both water and isopropyl alcohol. Ceteareth-25 helps produce emulsions by decreasing the surface tension of ingredients that are needed to be emulsified. Cetearyl-25 also proves to effectively reduce the viscosity or thickness of solutions used to make personal care products and liquid formulas. Ceteareth-25 also helps other cosmetic raw materials to dissolve quickly in solvents.
  • It can be used to prepare cosmetic products such as makeup setting creams, facial moisturizers, conditioner, anti-aging treatment, conditioner, cleanser, sunscreen, exfoliant/scrub, depilatory cream and acne treatment. You might also need Ceteareth-100 and Ceteareth-50 to expedite the process of preparation of cosmetic products. Ceteareth-25's excellent cleansing properties make it one of the valuable additions in skin and hair cleansing applications. It also acts as an excellent surfactant chemical that helps reduce the surface tension of the substances to be emulsified, thereby cleansing your skin thoroughly by allowing water to emulsify with oil and grime to aid in washing it away while rinsing.
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