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Cambrian Blue Clay Powder

Cambrian Blue Clay Powder

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Serbian Blue Clay Powder is a mineral-rich clay sourced from sedimentary deposits. Known for its powerful medicinal and cosmetic properties, this clay is a product of natural processes over time. The unique blue color of Cambrian Blue Clay Powder is attributed to the presence of algae and minerals within its composition. With a balance of micro and macro elements, this clay offers diverse benefits for the skin. Its detoxifying and extracting properties contribute to purging toxins from the body's surface.


  • Mineral-Rich: Abundance of minerals with both micro and macro elements.
  • Medicinal Properties: Known for its powerful medicinal attributes.
  • Cosmetic Benefits: Used for various cosmetic purposes and skincare formulations.
  • Distinctive Blue Color: Unique hue derived from the presence of algae and minerals.
  • Detoxification: Capable of detoxifying the skin, helping remove impurities.
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