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Apricot Liquid Extract

Apricot Liquid Extract

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Apricot Liquid Extract is derived from the fruits of the Prunus armeniaca plant. Apricots are small, golden-orange fruits, known for their velvety skin and sweet, juicy flesh, resembling peaches in flavor. They are particularly delicious when fully ripe, featuring a rich yellowish-orange pulp and a stone-like seed inside. The outer surface of an apricot is covered in a thin layer of hair, and it's commonly consumed with the skin.

Benefits of Apricot Liquid Extract:

  • Rich in Nutrients: Packed with essential minerals and vitamins.
  • Protein Compounds: Contains proteins like albumin, globulin, prolamin, and glutelin.
  • High in Amino Acids: Amino acid content ranges between 32 to 34%.
  • Carbohydrate Content: Comprises about 25.5% carbohydrates.
  • Antibacterial Properties: Helps in keeping the scalp free from bacteria and infections.
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