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Anti-Aging Voluming Cream

Anti-Aging Voluming Cream

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Pink voluming capsule
The jelly-like texture with pink capsules adheres to the skin smoothly to enhance skin elasticity.

What Makes It Different 

Skin volumizing cream
The strongest anti-aging care that completely fills the skin

  • Anti-aging cream
    Anti-aging functional cream that perfectly fills the skon to make it smooth and firm.
  • Pink voluming capsule
    Ultra-fine micro-pink voluming capsules(Retinyl palmitate, Peptide, Marine collagen) containing elasticity enhancing ingredients provide effective elasticity to the skin.
  • Containing Jeju seaweed extract
    The Seaweed Complex(Ecklonia cava+Wakame+Hijiki+Sargassum+Codium fragile) found in the Jeju sea provides moisture and protection to the skin.
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