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Anise (Saunf) Flavor Oil 5 questions

Anise (Saunf) Flavor Oil 5 questions

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Discover the unique and refreshing taste of Natural Anise Flavor Oil, crafted from the seeds of Pimpinella Anisum, also known as Saunf in India. Anise seeds have long been recognized as a versatile spice used in a variety of culinary preparations and sweets. This flavor oil captures the refreshing and sweet essence of anise with an enticing twist of spiciness, bringing a rare and delightful flavor to a range of food items.


  1. Refreshing Anise Flavor: Enjoy the refreshing and sweet flavor of anise, derived from the seeds of Pimpinella Anisum, with an enticing twist of spiciness.

  2. Versatile Spice: Anise seeds have been widely used as a versatile spice in various culinary preparations and sweets, adding a unique and delightful taste.

  3. Mouth Freshening Properties: Anise seeds are known for their natural properties that help combat bad or stinky breath, making them an excellent choice for a natural mouth freshener.

  4. Stable in Raw Materials: The stability of Natural Anise Flavor Oil in raw materials makes it suitable for use in lip care products such as lip balms, lip gloss, and lipsticks.

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