Rising demand for organic food products

Covid-19 has erupted all the industries in the times of global pandemic. But the industry which was on the rise was the food processing industry. The demand for the organic and natural products is on the rise because of the rising health concerns and the food consumption pattern.

Why go organic?

As people are searching for the healthy foods to feed their families, organic fruits, cereals and vegetables are proving to be the choice of every home present in this biodiversity.

The organic products are chemical free as they do not require any additives to be preserved for longer time.

Indeed organic food products have performed better than the conventional food products.

Covid-19 has raised consumer awareness of the relationship between the health and nutrition. This has resulted in the “health halo “where a surge has been seen in the health interests of the people including the functional fruits, foods and vegetables.

Organic foods are avoiding the use of synthetic pesticides and agro-chemicals and therefore are considered more safe and healthy than the conventional food products. Now a day’s economic consumer have started to buy the organic products as they have high nutritional content than the conventional foods.

In the current coronavirus scenario, consumers are looking for the food products that boost their immunity. Rational consumers are spending more on the organic-foods, plant-based foods, ingredients of the natural origin.Theconsumers are not looking at the price of the products but their major concern is the improvement in the overall health of the family.

Consumers are becoming more anxious of how the products are being raised and prepared and are willing to pay little more for the products they recognize as healthy. Organic food places more emphasis on the consumer health and the environmental protection.

According to a research, organic foods are free from artificial colors, flavors and added preservatives.

With no vaccine in sight, consumers are now turning towards the organic foods as ammunition against the covid-19.the demand for the organic products will remain on the surge even after the coronavirus is out of sight. Consumers are eating more of the organic products than ever before.

In actuality, organic foods are the hope for the good health and a healthier planet. The increasing popularity of the organic food is an answer to all the ecological and social problems. Fresh organic food helps people survive better in life and is most important for the preservation of the environment and its biodiversity.

Incorporating organic products in our life is our own opinion of choice as it is going to benefit the healthier and safer life and environment to the future generations. This will also support the concept of sustainable development. Organic food products are solution to many ecological problems.

Organic food will not kill the virus, but will boost the immunity. Organic food are GMO-free(genetically engineered products).the choice of consuming the organic food products is the opinion of the world as their conscience has realized the value of the health and a healthy soul.

Pros of the organic food

  • Organic food is manufactured using environmental friendly techniques.
  • Organic foods taste better in relation to the conventional foods.
  • Organic foods may contain 40% more of the antioxidants.
  • Organic foods support the local economy.
  • Organic foods are safer to eat
  • Organic foods have the potential to reduce the threat of the anti-biotic consumption
  • Organic foods assist in the creation of a healthier family.
  • Organic foods might have favorable fatty acid.

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