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Walnut Powder

Walnut Powder

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Walnut Powder is derived from the dried shells and hulls of walnuts, and it is primarily utilized as an exfoliating agent in skincare and cosmetic products. This natural ingredient is known for its abrasive texture, which makes it an effective component in various skin-cleansing formulations. In addition to its exfoliating properties, Walnut Powder is also valued for its nutritional benefits, making it a popular choice in a range of skincare products.

Benefits of Walnut Powder:

  • Natural Exfoliation:
    • Gently removes dead skin cells, revealing smoother and brighter skin.
  • Nutrient-Rich:
    • Contains beneficial nutrients that nourish and revitalize the skin.
  • Improves Skin Texture:
    • Regular use can lead to improved skin texture and tone.
  • Versatile Use in Cosmetics:
    • Can be used in a variety of skincare products, from scrubs to lotions.
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