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Turmeric Essential Oil

Turmeric Essential Oil

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Our Turmeric Essential Oil, manufactured from the roots of the Turmeric plant, boasts a wide range of benefits and uses. Recognized both as a spice in Indian households and for its therapeutic-grade applications, this essential oil carries an odor resembling that of the Turmeric spice.


  • Antibacterial Properties: Strong antibacterial properties make it an ideal remedy for curing wounds and cuts, preventing septic conditions.

  • Antiseptic Properties: Possesses antiseptic properties to stop bleeding and protect wounds from infection.

  • Skincare and Beauty: Used in skincare and beauty care products for its powerful antioxidants that protect the skin.

  • External Use Only: Concentrated turmeric essential oil is meant for external use only, requiring dilution before application.

  • Cosmetic Use: Mainly used for cosmetic purposes, suitable for inclusion in regular skincare and beauty care regimes.

  • Aromatherapy: Can be diffused to refresh mood with its herbal and earthy scent.

  • Free from Synthetics: Does not contain synthetic colors, fragrances, or additives, ensuring a natural and pure application.

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