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Senna Leaves Powder

Senna Leaves Powder

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Senna, a member of the pea family native to northern Egypt, presents long, spreading branches and yellow blossoms that develop into rectangular and flat fruits. Traditionally valued for its beneficial characteristics, Senna Leaves Powder is derived from crushing the organic leaves of Senna alexandrina.


  1. Natural Laxative: Senna Leaves Powder is recognized for its moderate laxative properties, offering a natural solution to support digestive health.
  2. Potency: The leaves of the Senna plant are often considered more potent than the pods, making Senna Leaves Powder a preferred choice for those seeking gentle laxative effects.
  3. Versatile Usage: Senna Leaves Powder can be utilized in various forms, including capsules, extracts, and topical treatments, providing versatility in incorporating it into wellness routines.
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