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Powder Brush J25

Powder Brush J25

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The image displays a set of five elegant makeup brushes with sleek, white handles and silver ferrules, designed for a variety of makeup applications. The largest brush is likely used for powder or blush, while the four smaller brushes are tailored for eye makeup and precise applications.


  • Large Powder Brush: Features densely packed bristles perfect for applying setting powder or blush evenly across large areas of the face.
  • Small Tapered Blending Brush: Ideal for blending eyeshadow in the crease or corners of the eyes for a seamless gradient.
  • Flat Shader Brush: Best for packing eyeshadow onto the lids, allowing for intense color payoff.
  • Angled Eyeliner Brush: Designed for precise eyeliner application, whether you're aiming for a sharp wing or a soft, smudged line.

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