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Patchouli Hydrosol

Patchouli Hydrosol

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Patchouli Hydrosol, derived from the steam or water distillation of Patchouli essential oil obtained from the leaves of the Pogostemon patchouli shrub, presents a mellow and rich fragrance. This hydrosol boasts antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, and bactericidal properties, making it a suitable choice for individuals with oily to normal skin or those dealing with acne-related concerns. Unlike the concentrated essential oil, Patchouli Hydrosol offers a subtler aroma.


  • Mild, Earthy Fragrance: The hydrosol exhibits a rich, sweet, and earthy fragrance, providing a milder scent compared to Patchouli essential oil.
  • Antidepressant Properties: Patchouli Hydrosol holds antidepressant properties, contributing to its potential to uplift mood and promote relaxation.
  • Anti-Inflammatory: With anti-inflammatory properties, this hydrosol may offer relief for various skin conditions and irritations.
  • Bactericidal Action: The hydrosol's bactericidal properties make it suitable for skincare routines, particularly for individuals with acne-prone skin.
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