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Harrods Health Private Limited

Mother's Stretch Mark Oil

Mother's Stretch Mark Oil

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Embrace the beauty of motherhood with Our Mother’s Stretch Mark Massage Oil, a blend of nourishing ingredients including grapeseed oil, argan oil, orange oil, pomegranate seed oil, patchouli oil, and jojoba oil. This unique formula is designed to effectively reduce the appearance of visible stretch marks and other scars, making it an ideal choice for mothers, teenagers experiencing growth spurts, or anyone with rapid growth-related marks.


  • Visible Stretch Mark Reduction: The combination of grapeseed oil, argan oil, and other essential oils works to visibly reduce stretch marks caused by pregnancy, growth spurts, or periods of rapid growth.

  • Prevention and Toning: This massage oil aids in preventing the formation of stretch marks and tones the skin, providing a nourishing and hydrating solution for mothers and those with changing skin.

  • Antioxidant and Collagen Production: With antioxidant properties and the ability to stimulate collagen synthesis, this massage oil supports skin health, promoting elasticity and preventing damage.

  • Regenerating and Moisturizing: Mother’s Stretch Mark Massage Oil offers regenerating, moisturizing, and hydrating properties, contributing to smoother and more supple skin.

  • Scar Lightening: The natural oils in this blend work to lighten scars, uneven skin tone, and redness associated with stretch marks, offering comprehensive care for your skin.

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