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Matte Woodland Green Pigment Powder

Matte Woodland Green Pigment Powder

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Matte Woodland Green Pigment Powder, formerly known as chromium oxide green powder, is a pure pigment powder widely utilized as a colorant in the cold process soap industry. This pigment powder imparts a bright, natural, and brilliant forest green color to soaps, providing a vibrant and visually appealing appearance. The mica green pigment powder can produce hues ranging from matte light forest green to a deep, matte, dark green color, depending on the application and base color.


  1. Vibrant Forest Green Color: Achieve a vibrant and natural forest green color in cold process soap making, adding visual appeal to the final product.
  2. Matte Finish: The pigment powder delivers a matte finish, creating a sophisticated and earthy appearance in soap formulations.
  3. Versatile Application: Suitable for use in various soap formulations, providing flexibility in creating different shades of green.
  4. Rich Pigmentation: The Vedaoils Woodland Green Soap Powder offers rich pigmentation, ensuring the desired color intensity is achieved.
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