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Mango Powder

Mango Powder

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Mango Powder, affectionately known as Amchur Powder in India, undergoes a meticulous process where unripe mangoes are dried, enabling easy transformation into a finely crushed powder. This Natural Green Mango Powder boasts a light yellow hue, comprising delicate particles. Its distinctive sour and tangy aroma mirrors the essence of unripe mangoes. Free from additives and fillers, Raw Mango Powder stands as a testament to purity and natural goodness. A versatile ingredient, it finds its place in an array of skincare and cosmetic products, from creams and lotions to face gels, masks, scrubs, and soaps.


  1. Natural Sour Delight: Derived from unripe mangoes, offering a natural sour and tangy flavor.
  2. Pure and Additive-Free: Crafted without additives or fillers, ensuring purity and authenticity.
  3. Versatile Cosmetic Ingredient: Integral in various skincare and cosmetic formulations.
  4. Rich in Nutrients: Contains essential nutrients that contribute to overall skin health.
  5. Aromatic Essence: Captures the aromatic essence of unripe mangoes, adding a delightful touch.
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