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Lilycell Youth Again Serum

Lilycell Youth Again Serum

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Skin texture management with inner elasticity and outer glow.
The encapsulated lily extract 'Lillicell' is absorbed into the dermis and recharges the hydration. The inside of the skin is densely restored, and the outside of the skin is made smooth without any curves to bring out the radiance.

What Makes It Different 

A youth care that takes care of the skin without wrinkling on the outside and dense on the inside with Lily Cell extracted from the lily, which has the finest texture.

  • Lily Cell extracted from fine lily
    The dense and fine texture of the lily absorbes moisture, and the fine texture keeps the petals clean and clear. Lily Cell extract restores skin texture and radiance. 
  • Flawless skin with increased reflection.
    Lily Cell removes dead skin cells and softens the stratum corneum for smooth, wrinkle-free skin to fill in the curves of the skin.
  • Tight and firm skin texture
    With Lily Cell Essence and capsules in the form of cellosomes that the skin absorbs most effortlessly, you can feel the elasticity of skin care that fills the skin from the inside out.
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