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Lemon Hydrosol

Lemon Hydrosol

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Lemon Hydrosol, extracted through the steam distillation of fresh and ripe lemons, is characterized by its invigorating, clean, and citrusy aroma. This organic hydrosol boasts a fresh scent that not only enlivens the senses but also contributes to a positive mental atmosphere. Suitable for aromatherapy, Lemon Hydrosol is renowned for its potential to uplift mood and emotions.


  • Citrusy Aroma: The hydrosol features a fresh, citrusy, and energizing scent, making it ideal for aromatherapy to enhance mood and positivity.
  • Rich in Vitamin C: Lemon Hydrosol contains vitamin C and potent antioxidants, contributing to its skin-friendly properties.
  • Skincare Applications: The hydrosol can be incorporated into skincare products, leveraging its refreshing lemony scent for a delightful skincare experience.
  • Versatile Usage: Lemon Hydrosol finds application in the creation of perfumes, deodorants, cologne sprays, and other beauty and personal care formulations.
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