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Jamun Seed Powder

Jamun Seed Powder

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Jamun Seed Powder, derived from the dried seeds of the Jamun (Black Plum), is a versatile ingredient with various applications. Also known as Black Plum, Jamun Powder is particularly valued in skincare due to its antioxidant-rich composition. Its ability to shield the skin from environmental damage and possess antibacterial properties makes it a beneficial addition to skincare formulations.


  1. Antioxidant-Rich: Jamun Seed Powder is rich in antioxidants that contribute to protecting the skin from damage caused by environmental factors.
  2. Skincare Applications: Its versatile nature allows it to be incorporated into various skincare applications, enhancing the overall health of the skin.
  3. Antibacterial Properties: The powder exhibits antibacterial properties, making it effective in addressing issues like acne.
  4. Natural Source: Derived from the dried seeds of Jamun, this powder is a natural and plant-based ingredient.
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